New year, new me and all that nonsense.

Ah yes, the start of the year. The advent of transformation, new beginnings, wilder and more unattainable dreams. As you look back through your goals for last year, you’re glad to see that at least one of your fifty has been ticked off. You pat yourself on the back, and let out a “Well done!” under your breath. You smile in a condescending kind of way. You retreat back to your comfortable chair, and a single tear drops.

I’m sure this is relatable to the majority of us. I, like most people suffer from the dreaded curse of procastination. This year I will attempt something unimaginable. I will be productive almost everyday. Who am I kidding, right? But first, metrics.

Truly for a goal to be attainable it should at least be measurable. Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I will try to set the smallest goals I can possibly attain and potentially grow from there. Here’s what I have in mind.

  1. One commit per day
  2. Document what I have learned in writing
  3. Exercise twice a week
  4. Read 12 books this year

For the 10x people out there, these goals seems lackluster; but I digress. In my experience shooting for the moon is counterproductive. When I see a gargantuan task I easily get demotivated by the sheer amount of work it entails. In light of this, I have designed my goals to be puny. In the hopes that by tackling a small task a day motivates me to do more things. For this attempt I will chronicle my progress in this blog and meticuluosly measure what I have done for a particular period. To be held accountable motivates more than just blind execution for achieving arbitrary goals, if that makes any sense.

I treat this post as a declaration. A clear and concise declaration of intent. God help me, for I might have bitten more than I can chew. I have really small teeth.