Hello! They call me Ken.

I am a software developer with a penchant for experimentation. I have walked my way through most of the web stack and find myself enjoying every bit of it. Currently, I am helping Hometime manage properties for Airbnb! To learn more of what I’ve done in the past you can do so here.

Most of what I do revolves around Ruby and Javascript, but that doesn’t mean I am less open to other technology stacks. Nowadays I spend most of my time doing front-end development, mostly with React and it’s ecosystem.

Writing is my first love, but I wish I’m more diligent about it. You can see some of my tech-related write ups here; or if food and travel is what you fancy, I also contribute to the gastrotravelers blog.

If you want to reach out for anything, you can find me in the interwebs at the handle @kendaganio, or shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]